February 25, 2012

The Purpose of Nikos & Co is to help Greece regain its dignity by mobilizing the best of the Greek International Experts to help Greek companies throughout the country become more competitive. Only competitive companies can create the jobs Greeks desperately need.


The company provides:

·         Restructuring Studies ,

·         Negotiation Support with Stakeholders

          (State Agencies ,Unions, Banks  or Shareholders)

·         Turn- Around Management and

·         Investments  

to viable Companies that are experiencing temporary challenges.  


Nikos & Co maintains active relationships with

·         4 leading International Banks,

·         2 global Consulting Companies

·         2 major Investment Funds

·         2 International Law Firms


The Board and Staff of the firm are comprised of Greeks who have worked with distinction in the arena of international competition and hold graduate degrees from the world`s leading Universities.

They include MBAs, Engineers, Economists, Lawyers and Accountants.


The firm has offices in London and Athens.


Inquiries can be addressed to




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Nikos Mourkogiannis
Nikos is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of Strategic Leadership. With over 25 years experience at the highest levels of industry and strategy consulting, Nikos is an independent consultant who has created an elite global network of alliance partners specializing in Strategic Leadership, Purpose Led Transformation and Human Capital...
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