July 26, 2010



The Greek National Opera’s production of Aida hit the streets this afternoon, just after a press conference held at the foyer of the Olympia Theatre. It was a pleasant surprise for passers-by in downtown Athens, who were treated to the famed “Triumphal March” performed by the GNO’s small band, playing on a red double-decker bus and touring the streets of Athens dressed in the colours of our production of Aida.

The bus set off from the Olympia Theatre and took in Parliament on Syntagma Square, the Maximos Mansion government headquarters, the Presidential Mansion, Rigillis Street, the Ministry of Finance on Karagiorgis Servias Street, the General Accounting Office on Panepistimiou Street, the GNO headquarters further down and, finally, Athens City Hall on Kotzia Square.

The band received a warm welcome by the Greek president, who appeared on his balcony and waved to the musicians.

This initiative was a first for the GNO and it was aimed at attracting residents who have never stepped across the threshold of the GNO or who are unaware of its activities and projects to get a small taste of what it has to offer.


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